Refund Policies

1. Order Cancellation:

  • If you cancel an order before it's processed by the warehouse team, a full refund, including shipping charges, will be issued.
  • Once the warehouse team processes the order, cancellations are not possible.

2. Returns and Refunds:

  • Returning a product within the specified period after receiving it qualifies for a refund of the product value, excluding shipping charges.
  • Lost orders confirmed by delivery service as unreceived will be fully refunded, including shipping charges.
  • Refund granted, along with shipping charges, if customer support requests information for order processing, and it's not provided.

3. Out of Stock:

  • If any item is out of stock, a refund for the missing product will be issued, or the rest will be shipped.
  • Complete refund for orders with all products out of stock.

4. Faulty or Damaged Products:

  • Refund for faulty or non-functional products verified by customer support with picture or video proof.
  • Full refund, excluding shipping charges, for damaged or leaking products.

5. Missing Items:

  • Refund for missing items in an order, excluding shipping cost.

6. Additional Resolutions:

  • Discount codes may be provided for quick issue resolution.
  • Replacements can be sent for missing or damaged items.

7. Refund Process:

  • Refund time: 2 - 14 working days.
  • Amount refunded to the same account used for payment.

8. Contract Termination:

  • Instant termination and full refund for unfulfilled products due to errors in pricing or description, supply risks, or legal reasons.

9. Faulty, Broken, or Expired Products:

  • Option 1: Discount code with shipping included.
  • Option 2: Refund without shipping charges.

10. 14-day Cooling-off Period:

  • UK residents have a 14-day cooling-off period for unseen products, starting upon receipt, with a full refund.

11. Wrong Product Received:

  • Replacement offered; full cost refunded if replacement declined.

12. Overcharge or Unplaced Order:

  • Refund for overcharged amounts, including delivery fees.

13. Customers Under 18:

  • Orders by individuals under 18 using parents' cards are non-refundable.

14. Refund Deductions:

  • Deductions for faulty returns or pre-refund scrutiny.
  • Refunds issued as soon as possible after product receipt.

15. Delivery Cost Refund:

  • Refund based on the least expensive delivery option if the product is returned.

16. Non-refundable Items:

  • No refund for opened items in the complete order.