Gold Bar Vape Disposable

Gold Bar Vape

About Gold Bar Brand:

Gold Bar vape is here to capture the hearts of all vapers! Vape Gold manufactures and distributes these stunning disposable vapes, pod kits, and e-liquids. What sets this brand’s products apart is their appearance. The e-cigarettes are slim, long, and elegant with a matte gold finish and a smooth black mouthpiece; the Gold Bar vape is further packed in a gold bar-shaped outer packaging to give it the ultimate luxurious touch. Although the outer appearance of the Gold Bar vape is enticing, its inner mechanisms are also praise-worthy. The brand uses a hyper-mesh coil and 50VG/50PG ratio for the perfect throat hit, flavour, and vapour production.

Gold Bar Vape: Peak Of Elegance

What sets Gold Bar 600 apart from other disposable vape devices, when it has the same amount of e-liquid and puff numbers? Well, its unique appearance, graceful design and succulent flavour range makes it different from the rest of the devices. Additionally, the device has a gold matte texture and an ergonomic mouthpiece with a fine finishing.

Hassle-Free And Non-Intricate Gold Bar Vape Device:

One of the intriguing and exciting features of the Gold Bar disposable vape device is its simplicity. The device has non-intricate settings and anyone can use it with just the right knowledge. There are no extra buttons that you have to press in order to start the device. Plus, you do not have to set its temperature or airflow, everything in the device is preset and all you have to do is just inhale via a mouthpiece and the device is ready to take you to the next vaping level.

Enticing And Tantalising Flavour Range:

Gold Bar 600 puffs vape device features a delicious flavour range. No matter what your flavour preference, you will get every flavour of your choice in this range. From banana ice to blueberry ice and Oasis to blue raspberry, there are multiple flavours to choose from. Each flavour offers you tingling notes, providing just the right vaping nudge.


Why Is My Gold Bar 600 Not Working?

If your Gold Bar vape has suddenly stopped working, there could be a possibility that your battery is dead or the e-liquid has completely evaporated. The device is designed to give you up to 600 puffs. If you vape frequently, your e-juice vanishes even before your 600 puffs. This might be a reason why your vape device is not working. Otherwise there might be some setting issues. We recommend heading to your nearest vape shop and getting assistance.

How To Reuse Dead Disposable Gold Bar 600?

You cannot use a dead disposable vape device. There are some DIY hacks for reusing a dead vape device, however, we do not recommend it as they might explode the vape battery. It is always a good practice to dispose of your vape device safely once it has completely stopped functioning and get a new one.

Is Gold Bar A Good Vape Brand?

Gold Bar, relatively new in the market, has gained a good repute. The brand provides you with excellent disposable vapes, pod kits, reload pod kits and nic-salt e-liquids.

How Can I Charge The Gold Bar 600?

The Gold Bar 600 vape cannot be recharged as it is designed for one-time use. It has a built-in non-rechargeable battery. As soon as the battery dies out you should quickly dispose of your vape device.